The people behind Spiroyal

What unites us is our pure passion and the strength of our belief and commitment in Spiroyal.

We share an innovative spirit and vision to make clean and fresh forest air available to anyone who is health-conscious. This is our mission.

Spiroyal is a new brand and was founded in 2018 and is part of the German healthcare company Airnergy. One particular innovative founder was at the heart of the product’s development. 

The words of Guido Bierther:

An innovative founder

“Since the company Airnergy was formed my team and I have achieved a lot” says founder and CEO Guido Bierther. “We are particularly pleased by the ever increasing approval of our solution among users, physicians and therapists alike”.

“From the start, not only did we want to enrich the healthcare sector with our products but also to make a huge impact in the beauty and spa industry.  We therefore launched the brand Spiroyal on the 18th anniversary of Airnergy. “

Guido believes strongly that Spiroyal will tick the right boxes for its users:

“Our society is more and more aware of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Quite often we are not even aware what really keeps us alive, what it is that no human can be without for a minute of our lives.”

Spiroyal meets those needs. Our products are an essential addition, of huge value to owners and clients of beauty salons, health clubs and spa hotels.


CEO and founder Guido Bierther was interviewed by Host Alexander Glogg during the television program NatuMedizin which was aired on 9th October 2019 on QS24:


Guido explains “Our revitalizing tools are AvantGarde the premium breathing station that energizes the body internally and Stream HS for external energy therapy. These essential tools provide a perfect addition to existing soothing facial treatments, massages, manicures and pedicures, salt grottos, steam rooms & saunas.

They can be used to complement and support many other therapies and will be enjoyed and appreciated by your clients.

The Team behind Spiroyal – powered by Airnergy

Airnergy International GmbH relies on an experienced, honest and dedicated team of employees.

Since founding the company in 2000 we have created strong relationships with our clients, therapists, consultants, business partners, industry experts and most importantly our end-users.

Key to our development process is a Scientific Advisory Board with members drawn from a variety of medical disciplines, physics scientists and experienced therapists from over 60 countries. The Scientific Advisory Board regularly carries out research and testing on all Airnergy and Spiroyal products. This guarantees the ongoing development of our portfolio of vitalizors and ensures that innovation and our pioneering methods are an integral part of our company’s DNA.

We use a wide range of skills, experience and expertise alongside a special code of ethics to maintain our utmost priorities: Vital air – that enhances well-being and quality of life and a commitment to the satisfaction of our customers.

This is our promise to you!