The Spiroyal products: AvantGarde and Stream HS

The key products in our unique spa-set are AvantGarde and Stream HS.

Our Spiroyal product suite perfectly complements many beauty treatments, massages and body therapies.

The beautifully designed breathing station AvantGarde is a real eye-catcher, a perfectly shaped piece of art which can visually uplift any spa, health club or wellness centre. Coming with the option of a transparent casing revealing a view of AvantGarde’s intricate engineering design or in timeless white, precious pearl-platinum, granite or burl wood veneer – almost any material can be used to customize your desired “fountain of youth”.

You can also customize your AvantGarde even more by encrusting the sides of the circular plates with Swarovski crystals or by choosing gold or gold coloured body material.



Specially designed and custom-made Airnergy/Spiroyal AvantGarde unit in granite.


Inspired by Nature, modelled on Nature.

It is not only AvantGarde’s elegant appearance but also its unique internal technology that genuinely provides added value to spas and treatment centres.

The breathing station enriches and revitalizes the atmospheric oxygen in a process similar to the photosynthesis used by plants.

The benefits of ‘forest bathing’ (like taking a walk through pristine nature) and the absorption of good energy are now possible almost everywhere. The AvantGarde user is breathing freshly enriched air through a mask to refuel the body with energy. This treatment only takes 21 minutes and can be done for example whilst enjoying a reflexology massage or letting a facial treatment absorb. Lean back, relax and with the help of the integrated colour light therapy, regenerate your body and soul and most importantly, take time to be mindful and breathe in freely and deeply. Recharge and experience the body’s own natural forces within yourself.

The Spiroyal vitalizor is affordable and easy to use. The low-noise, virtually maintenance-free device needs only as much space as a folded newspaper!



Airnergy/Spiroyal single unit production, built to customer specification: The AvantGarde model, partially plated in 24 carat gold and encrusted in 4,400 individually hand placed Swarovski crystals.


Spirovitalisation is tackling the ‘root cause’ of problems right at the cells – more precisely inside the mitochondria – the cell’s power plant.

With age, during times of stress, with sickness or when exposed to environmental pollution the body’s ability to utilize oxygen decreases.

During Spirovitalization with Spiroyal, oxygen is elevated to a high energy level. This is the physiologically active form of oxygen the human body recognizes and needs.



Airnergy/Spiroyal AvantGarde glass bottle with Stream HS in white.


How does the product Stream HS work?

The Stream HS compliments the Spiroyal spa-set perfectly. This unique device is also based on the proven breathing technology of Airnergy.

It therefore uses similar technology to the elegant AvantGarde but unlike the breathing station, Stream HS therapy is performed locally and externally.

The device is used as an energizer and fuels the relevant area with targeted precision. In this way we can treat joint pain, migraines and headaches in a very pleasant, soothing and relaxing manner.

The effect? Unique!

The improved utilisation of oxygen in the body is measurable and Spirovitalisation has a positive effect on physiological functions for example HRV which is an indication of heart rate variability, measured with an ECG (electrocardiogram).

Many of Spirovitalisation’s advocates not only report skin improvement but also feeling more focussed, healthy and empowered.

A general sense of well-being and relaxation increases and inner calmness returns. This is the unique selling point of Spiroyal products’ vitalising therapy and is something customers will come back for again and again. In fact selling blocks of 10 or 20 therapy sessions can increase customer loyalty and the frequency of spa visits.

The approach is holistic and the therapy can be used for many different complaints such as exhaustion, burnout syndrome, rheumatism, tinnitus and even allergies – leaving you feeling holistically well and energized. Paradoxically, our customers often tell us that the therapy has a calming yet energizing effect! This is similar to the good feeling you have after a walk in the forest.  It is well known that if you feel good you have a positive approach to life!

In short, after a complementary therapy with the unique Spiroyal product set, the wellness client leaves your spa completely recharged and relaxed.

Ask us about our Spiroyal devices and what they can do for you and your clients. Request your non-binding offer right now. We would be delighted to advise you.

AvantGarde cristal

AvantGarde blanc

AvantGarde burl wood

AvantGarde noir

AvantGarde platin

AvantGarde 24 carat