Spiroyal – awakens cells.

Our Philosophy. Our Promise.

The Spiroyal brand might be new but behind it is the award winning health company Airnergy with nineteen years of expertise and which has developed Spirovitalising – a health enhancing system with a special design and application.

The way Spirovitalising works is unique and it delivers guaranteed results with a heightened sense of wellbeing.

The Secret of Spirovitalising

Atmospheric oxygen is indisputably a key source of life. The metabolic process of the human cell and the generation of energy all depend on the quality of oxygen and the interaction with the atmosphere (light, air and water). However with the increase in air pollution and the destruction of pristine forests, the reduced opportunity for photosynthesis in nature is causing a serious problem.

This is becoming a growing strain and danger for humans and we are seeing increasing negative effects on our health, aging process and our overall well-being.

Based in Hennef, Germany, Spiroyal and our partner Airnergy have developed the breathing technology Spirovitalising that counteracts the negative impacts on the human body of breathing in polluted and toxic air.

All our products are modelled on and inspired by nature itself.

The Airnergy-System converts the air we breathe by means of atmospheric oxygen (21%) as it interacts with relative humidity and a process based on the photosynthesis used by plants into a permanently active and high-energy bioavailable condition.

With this technology respiratory air is continuously transformed to the same active, high energy state familiar to cells for millions of years and required for the metabolic process of the human cell. Therefore these cells can generate energy more easily.

This means that vitalising with Airnergy raises the quality of stale and low-energy air to the level of energy and purity of a forest!

The user has a soothing and beneficial ‘forest bathing’ experience (‘Forest bathing’ is a proven form of relaxation and health provision. It is also known as ‘Shirin Yoku’ and has been practiced in Japan for many years).

The Brand Spiroyal and our ‘Fountain of Youth’

Founded in 2018, the Spiroyal brand compliments the portfolio of Airnergy but focuses mainly on the health and beauty industry with products that inspire demanding spa users and spa owners alike.

Beauty Comes from Within

This is fundamental to our philosophy at Airnergy. Imagine an apple cut in half. After being exposed to oxygen for a short period the surface will discolour and turn brown. This is known as oxidation and has that familiar ‘rusty’ look. The process is known as oxidative degradation and similar can happen in our bodies.

Processes like this occur in human cells every second from the day we are born. It affects not only the inside of the cells but also the outside of these cells and the tissue. This process is caused by free radicals – highly reactive and aggressive oxygen compounds that can attack and cause damage in healthy cells. Free radicals form in our bodies and are promoted by external factors such as contaminants in our food, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, UV radiation and emissions. All this causes oxidative degeneration in our cells and results in the loss of energy and tired looking skin, characterised by wrinkles.

This is where Spiroyal comes in. Spirovitalising is a completely new and innovative respiratory technology based on the model of photosynthesis that enhances the utilization of oxygen.

By imitating ‘forest air’ it counteracts the oxidation process and delivers the desired anti-aging effect.

Spirovitalizing is biocompatible and helps the body in a natural way.

Spiroyal focuses on the quality of the respiratory air rather than quantity of air breathed. With this method the content of oxygen is not modified, nor has it been ionized or supplemented with ozone or any exogenous substances.  In a nutshell, when other beauty treatments reach their limits you can still achieve the desired effects with the support of our products


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