“Since we cannot change the body,

we can change the air we breathe.”


As our world struggles with poor air quality and all the health worries that go with it, the body’s need for fresh, clean air has never been greater. Good quality, fresh, vital air like that found when ‘forest bathing’ has become a rarity in today’s world. Forest bathing – also known as Shirin-Yoku – has been practiced in Asia for many years. The therapy was developed in Japan and has become an accepted part of Japanese healing and health care.

Fascinatingly, the human body only utilizes a fraction of the oxygen in the air we breathe – 75% of it we exhale unused. This is actually the reason we can save a life by performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

With Spiroyal, we have developed the unique and ground-breaking technology of vitalisation, delivering a luxury that energises the body inside and out.

Spiroyal’s sleek and elegant devices are revolutionising the spa and beauty industry, providing clients for the first time with a chance to replenish and invigorate their bodies with fresh and clean air. Like a walk through a lush, green forest in an unpolluted world, physical wellbeing is enhanced and skin is left glowing and enriched. Spiroyal can be set up any time and place delivering that pure and precious forest air. Our beautifully designed, compact and easy to use vitalizors are a perfect complement to regular spa and beauty treatments, massages, salt grottos, saunas and steam baths.

With the Spiroyal solution ‘forest bathing’ can be done any time, anywhere. It is therefore the ideal product for any spa, gym, wellness and beauty business as well as the perfect addition to any home.






We call this Spirovitalising and we will show you how and why the spa and beauty industry can benefit from it. Want to know what it is? How does it work? What are the benefits of this soothing treatment for body and soul? Follow this link to get answers to all these questions and discover the magic of Spiroyal.

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SPIROYAL DIE PRODUKTEThe key products in our unique spa-set are the AvantGarde and Stream HS. Our Spiroyal products compliment beauty treatments, massages and body therapies perfectly.

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SPIROYAL MAGAZINYou will find exciting news from the spa and beauty world as well as latest information about our company in our special Spiroyal magazine here.






What unites us – the team behind Spiroyal – is our pure passion and the strength of our belief and commitment in Spiroyal. We share an innovative spirit and vision to make clean and fresh forest air available to anyone who is health-conscious.

This is our mission.
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